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A Thank You to the Devs.


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I just wanted to put up a big THANK YOU for the BioWare devs for finally fixing Full Auto/Unload.


With all the stuff going on all over the forums and all the complaining left and right for various reasons, I just thought it would be nice to highlight a really important class fix that was pushed through.


This increases our DPS by a significant margin(50% more damage --do the math before refuting that-- with the skill acting properly: up to 100% from 66% of our potential damage). VERY noticeable in fights such as the Infernal Council in EV where you have to 1v1 a target who is hitting you constantly; which would ALWAYS prevent the last tick of damage. Also helps tremendously in PvP where a single hit would reduce your damage output tremendously making Full Auto less attractive than just spamming Grav/Tracer for the most part.


Great job BioWare for fixing this issue. Although people may say it took FOREVER, its barely 2 months into release which is not really that much time to wait. Next up is fixing Mortar Volley to be more in line animation wise!

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