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Force Choke Mis-firing ?.


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Any one else been noticing this in pvp lately ?.


There are time's i'll use force choke on a player and i'll watch them run away and they'll be ticking after i've forced choked them. No they didn't use there ability to break the snare. Otherwise I, would not be posting this.


I've watched it either fire and not root the target in the air. I've watched it be " Absorbed ". I, am curious as to how you absorb a force choke attack ?. It's not techinically lighting.


Here's another one why in the world can we also not choke more then one target ?. I, mean i've seen a sith do it in a video clip. So why not us ?.


Also while were here didn't deadly throw at one time have a snaring ability ?. If so i've noticed the ability not snaring players either. Yeah I, know it has a 20 % against healing ability.

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This happens to often to me it's not even okay.



The most common to me is: I get my 4 second Channel, they get snared 1 second after the channel, for a total of 3 seconds. So I CC myself for 4 seconds in order to CC them for 3 (or sometimes less).


Often they still attack during this window too.




Choke's a buggy *** move. It's the same with Ravage, really.

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