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Suggestion: Planetary Wars - Empire vs Republic.


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Greetings SWTOR Community and Game Developers!


I've read a theme about developers plans, and since you guys planning to concentrate on PvP, I have a suggestion: Why not to make a battles for a planets: Empire vs Republic.


For example each day (or few days) there is a battle for each planet (in different times), in this battle you have to capture main HQ (owners have to defend it against other players, while attackers have to destroy it's vital points aka cores or something like it). And when all vital points is captured, planet ownership goes to a faction that won a war. Or if defenders are succeed, they keeps a planet. But before planet is captured, the HQ is guarded by NPCs. The higher level of planet, the harder guards to defeat are.


And if you keep a planet, than people that plays on it receives a bonus, My suggestions are:


Local (for a planet that you on):

- +25% exp/legacy rates.

- +100% Valor bonus.

- +50% crafting mats from harvesting points.

- Faster regeneration times of harvesting points.

- A small buff that gives you some stats boosts.


Global (more planets your faction has, better the overall bonus):

- Each planet that faction has, decreases crafting times.

- Each planet that faction has, decreases mission times.

- Each planet that faction has, increases critical chance for rare resources and critical crafting success.

- Each planet that faction has, provides a faction with additional 20% Valor for each kill.

- Each planet that faction has, provides a faction with additional 3% exp/legacy.


And additional feature (works best with 1.2 upcoming patch):

- Top 5 players with most WZ/PvP rating will be able to lead their faction on this wars in global chat to give their forces orders and utilize various strategies.



- Daily massive PvP events.

- Getting better (and TOP) PvP equipment now has a meaning.

- Getting yourself better PvP rank will give you fame and power.

- There is actual WAR between factions now!

- Various strategies for participants.

- Lots of fun and endless entertainment.


I believe that most of players will love that, and with this feature you will keep them busy for a lot of time and this will expand PvP content a lot! And will make many hi level people not quit/return to play.


Well, I have a lot more ideas about this, but for now I guess it’s enough. I’m asking our community to participate in discussion about this, to make it noted and to share your ideas about this! And, of course, all bonuses and other things may vary to keep a balance, I've just made this suggestion to create a way of thinking about this matter.


Best regards,


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