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So some classes are more important than others


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a dps that can guard , do 3 extra medals with no skill needed, is just guard someone and w8 10 secs, ok you have 3 medals free, now its time to do damage medals.


a dps with heals , take damage go away , w8 till trauma end heal yourself , 1 free medal , if you spent some time on it you go 75k heal , but then you are not being really usefull but who cares since the pvp is medal based , and win or loose is almost the same.


a dps with nothing more , get like less 2 / 3 medals and overall that means 100/150 valor and 15 commendations!!


i dont disagree with that medal difference since it is nothing special , but would be nice if that difference needed a bit more skill to do :)

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With the trophy imbalance in this game, is that what you're telling us? That pure DPS classes who don't tank are simply unworthy of achieving the same number of trophies, thus the same valor advancement/points as other classes?


well tbh # of medals hardly tells the importance of a class in the grp. f.e. if u do all the killing in ur team ur pretty much only gonna get 6 medals (7 if u get solo kill) while mr herpderp tank can get 4 from guarding alone without rly doing anything + 2 he gets from u killing stuff + he might leech a deathblow and even get a 2.5k dmg hit in while not rly killing anything and lets be honest 50k protection isnt rly all that much contribution compared to a guy who killed 30 ppl. sure if he gets like 200k+ protection thats another story but to archieve that he needs a healer aswell.

it goes other way around aswell, a healer who healed 600k in a warzone gets ~6-7 medals max. did he contribute more than our herpderp tank? yes i think he did.


# of medals is a very poor way of showing the contribution to a team.


i dont rly look at numbers all that much to evaluate the usefullness of somebody in the warzone. i look at the ppl during the game and what they do etc. f.e. a dps who spends majority of time hitting the juggernaut is about as useful as a camel at the north pole.


or f.e. u take a cannon on alderaan and ur about 80% done and some guy starts taking it instead of stunning the incomming enemy whos about to launch his tracer missile at you.


these ppl are, quite frankly, a waste of oxygen but numbers wont reflect that.

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