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I was unable to find direction on where to leave feedback about the game for the developers, so I'll leave it here and hope for the best.


I've been enjoying the game, but one thing that is tripping me up is the smuggler story arch. I'm trying to role play to a degree and I can't help but think that all this character wants is his ship back during the first story arch. But ignoring all of the side quests to focus on the central story leaves him under-powered to deal with the rest of the game. It's a small point, but for some reason just bugs me to no end. Not sure what the answer is for this, but I wanted to pass it on.


Also, I'm sure this idea would be a nightmare to balance, but I'd love to see a third, neutral faction for bounty hunters and smugglers. They would be able to team or trade with members of either side - allowing smugglers to actually smuggle goods from one side to the other. Also, it might be cool to allow guilds on both sides to put bounties on members of certain other competing guilds - they would have to post money per kill that the bounty hunter class could cash in on. This might add to some sort of guild vs guild status system, or just stand alone.

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