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Guild on Dreshdae Cantina / Sith Side


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We are looking for serious players that want to have fun and enjoy PVE experience, we are looking to build a PVE guild, if you are from a server that is low pop and want to move to a better server this is the place to come. The three founding members all have mains that are 50 but currently rerolled to start a new guild from the ground up, meaning helping people level new toons since server transfers our not available. We are looking for serious but fun players at the same time that actually want to see end game and not get there and just PVP instead of helping people out. If you are interested please contact us on Dreshdae Cantina Sith side, Players to contact our Auronolin, Blaeric, or Jarlaxlle. Or contact us via email at zhentarim@yahoo.com, since adding friends is not so simple sometimes with the bugs in the add friends part of this game.

And yes we do have a vent server.

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