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Jugg Tank help


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Input on tanking.


For example, if you run into BT on HM, the very first mob, I think it's 3 or 4 nads and 1 boss.


What is best approach?

1. I thought, as tank you would tank boss while dps kill the nads.


2. Is boss CC'd? by whom/by what skill? and we all kill the nads first then the boss?


3. When would we cc (since all classes can cc) ??


4. How do you determine kill order?



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Dunno where you are going with this.


Ussually if you aren't sure the healer can keep you alive while tanking all the mobs at once I ussually do this :


Mark the targets that have to be CC'ed.

Jump in, and if possible take the un cc'ed mobs away from the cc'ed ones.

Voila! You have it covered now. I ussally do as much damage to the 'boss' since if an elite starts hitting the healer, that's ok couze you have time to taunt etc, but if a champion is hitting your healer :S

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Well my tactic is this:

Bubble healer before you start that conversation then,

1. Walk forward (while hitting your rage generating skill).

2. Do your scream (gives Defense bonus if spec)

3. AOE taunt

4. Force choke main boss

4. Smash

5. Hit your defensive CDs (immortal if you have it)

6. Backhand main boss

7. Sweep

8. Smash again once off CD

9. Cleanup


Its pretty easy as long as you make sure to keep boss CCed for the most part and try to keep aggro on most of the other 3 guys.


As far as other fights w/ multiples.. Be creative. When played right you should be able to hold aggro (for the most part) of 3+ mobs. You have AoE taunt, Single Taunt, Force Choke, Push, Backhand, Smash, AoE stun that are all capable of CC.

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