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(Official) Why Force Lightning is OP


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Those of us that believe Return of the Jedi was the last Star Wars movie will relate to this:


Simply put, the baddest dude in the world, Darth Vader's boss no less, used Force Lightning on Luke and was about to kill him. It was the most OP ability we had seen in that trilogy ever, except when they put Han Solo in carbonite - that was creepy.


We have been scarred for life because of Force Lightning. It reminds us of a really ugly, sweaty kind-of-human guy.


Please, for the sake of PvP, please nerf Force Lightning.


Edit: Throwing rocks is for *******

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Force Lightning was more OP than blowing up a planet? :confused:


I heard they felt that sorcs dont have enough skills to use and they add the planet destroyer skill in next patch.


If opposing team is winning in huttball, they can always just destroy the planet and win.


Game balanced . <- period

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