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Kari Wahlgren


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This is a question for idle curiosity sake and nothing more but I've often wondered how voice actors in BioWare games get cast for their roles. As the assemblage for any one game can be staggeringly huge (and all the voice over talent universally excellent), what gets one actor or actress chosen over another for a specific role? It's a nice problem for a casting director to have but who do they decide to pull the trigger on and why?


At any rate, cut to the present, I recently got around to watching to Season One of the Legion of Superheroes cartoon produced on the WB and thought I recognized the voice of Saturn Girl but wasn't sure where I had heard it before. Sure enough, a quick search of IMDB, revealed that the voice of the character (with mind powers similar to our beloved Jedi) was in fact supplied by Kari Wahlgren (the Female Jedi lead in SWTOR). I'm not sure if anybody can answer this but was it her role as Saturn Girl that actually landed her the job in the SWTOR game? Again, it's more for curiosity sake than anything else. I had just finished the First Act of my female Jedi's story arc and, a few hours later, popped in a DVD for some downtime and there she was again! Once again, using the powers of her mind to fight evil in space....

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