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How to kill a hard boss or elite mob in SWTOR


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Hello everyone,

There is no doubt a lot of people are having problems taking down some of the elite npcs they go up against. I am here to quite possibly give players the edge in those battles. For the most part this is common knowledge to an above average SWTOR player, however I feel I have 1 idea that helps out more than any other.


Preparing for a boss in SWTOR


This link pretty much covers it.


TL/DR, what the post covers: If you want an edge it is important to have stim pot, health pot, buffs, and a general idea of what the boss does. The bosses are not cakewalks for a reason. There also is a great tip for getting yourself some all the character buffs before the big fight.


Hope this helps. If you have anything to add, I missed anything, or you have any great tips, please share!

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