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Biochem Suggestions (buff/nerf) and UT


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Rakata Gear:


1) Remove the Biochem requirement on reusable Stims, Medpacks, and Adrenals


2) Restore the Rakata Stim and Adrenal to their original levels


What this does is effectively makes the bonus for being a Biochemist the minor buff you get from Rakata gear vs RE reusable stims/medpacks/adrenals. Everyone will eventually have the opportunity to obtain reusable stims, medpacks, and adrenals.




Currently many of the top level trainable schematics use grade 5 materials, however the grade 5 Bioanalysis missions are almost always filled up with first aid kits and implant processors.


Make Red Goo (a grade 5 compound) a grade 6 compound so we will always have missions which can return it, as it is heavily used with grade 6 samples.



Underworld Trading:


1) Add a vendor who will swap 1 Underworld metal for 1 Underworld fabric of the same quality/grade. Grade 6 epics for grade 6 epics, grade 5 blue for grade 5 blue, etc. Add a nominal fee if you want.


2) Add nodes for all rare crafting materials to raids. Wouldn't have to be many but the sheer volume of materials that are destroyed during the RE process makes the materials grind for crafters significantly steeper than the item grind from raiding.

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