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Juggernaut hit 8k [Fresh]


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%15 Expertise bonus not stack anymore and lvl50 wz difrent


Especially as a Jugg, he can pop a guard and an aoe taunt and GG 2 free medals... :rolleyes:


i dont use tank stance for medal. i dont care medal.


Forgot you have sunder armor also, even if it's not easy putting stacks, if you have a tank jugg with you it ease the pain.


w have not tank with us


8k hit easy! Yea i see...

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+ 30 % to smash dmg (1 tier talent)

+ 3 % to dmg Shii-Cho form

+ 50 % to smash with 4 stacks of buff tier 4 talent

+ 20 % armor ignore while in Shii-Cho form tier 5 talent

+ 10 % to damage after charge - 4 pieces PvP DPS set bonus

+ 30 % to crit strike damage of all force attacks tier 6 talent


smash after charge = autocrit tier 4 talent


Add either rakata surge adrenal or PvP warzone adrenal + power PvP relic.


So why would not he hit like 8 k?

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