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Nobody doing Flashpoints. LFM or LF"Nothing".

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Flashpoints and nobody doing them.....oh a few but ive been keeping my eye out on them throughout the day and at points in the evenings NOTHING DOING.


Normal mode Black Talon

Cademimu or whatever

Boarding Party


DON@T WASTe your time.....especially if you don't bring your own healer.




SOONER you join WOW and give out LFG facility the better and itll no dbout need to be cross realm sooner rather than later OR theres going to be a large chunk of game people are just never going to see.






ps, Friday and Saturday evenings 8pm through 10pm and only a couple of groups doing the rounds, both needing healers..............just not enuff guys.....AT THE VERY LEAST lets see dual class so i could heal properly when i can't get in dps.

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