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Yet Another Long List Of Random Suggestions


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So, having hit 41, mostly via quests/PVE, I'm coming at it from that perspective. I'm not going to comment on FPs or PVP, since I've only done a few of both.


Twice As Many Planets, Half As Many Quests On Each

Pacing, pacing, pacing, Bioware! You're storytellers; pacing is part of that. I've had to skip two worlds worth of quests, other than plot quests -- Nar Shadaa and Quesh -- because I leveled past them, and I'm NOT grinding heroics, flashpoints, or anything else -- I do each quest once, very rarely twice to help out a group, hardly any FPs, some space combat. I'm not trying to gain XP, just do the quests on the planets, and I'm outleveling them anyway.


Lower XP gain overall

A symptom of the above. We level TOO GOD DAMN FAST. The game is rushing by even if I waste time cruising around exploring. (Of course, that's part of it... "You've found the Sith Temple! +1000 XP. You've found the Lower Sith Temple Stairs! +1000 XP. You've found the Middle Sith Temple Stairs! +1000 XP. You've found the Top Of The Sith Temple Stairs! +1000 XP. You've found the Sith Temple Landing At The Top Of Stairs! +1000 XP.")


Replace the fleets with the capital cities

I doubt this will happen, but why not use the capital cities as the hubs/gathering points, instead of the fleets? That way, newer players visiting the capitals will see a thriving community, and they'll feel more like, well, cities.


Do something with all that hanger space

The hangers feel like a stub for something never implemented. They're huge, detailed, and obviously took a long time to make, but they're just dead tombs we race through on our way to the ships. Other than some story events -- which could trivially be rejiggered to appear elsewhere -- why don't we just go into the starport, then hit the elevator and go to our ships? Or, better yet, remove instanced hangers. Each power could have one large bay with all four ships docked there -- you run to yours. Other people will be running back and forth around you. Much more like a starport that way.


Internal and external ship customization

This is fairly obvious -- paint jobs, decals, changes to weapon and armor that are visible from the outside. This is going to be vital when multiplayer space missions are inevitably introduced. Internally -- trophy rooms (with major quests giving trophies), internal items of various types, etc. More real customization for roles: The BH ship should have a tractor beam to capture enemy vessels. (In combat, slows them down or otherwise does something useful) The smuggler ship should have more cargo space. Etc.


When looking at gear, show ALL of our companions at once, if they can equip it.

When I'm presented with "Mako's Sexy Tunic", "Gault's Studly Vest", and "Torian's Rough-n-Ready Chestpiece", I don't want to summon all three of them to see if it's worthwhile. Just show me.


Interactive missions

It would be nice if the missions sometimes gave us options that could have other effects. "Mako says the hutts want her to put on the slavegirl outfit. Yes/No?" If "Yes", you get an increased chance of critical mission success and -30 affection. If "No", you get a reduced chance of mission success and +30 affection. You get the idea.


Reverse Engineer Drops

Let us RE things we find as world or quest loot. This would: a)Remove a lot of junk items from the GTN. b)Serve as a defacto cash sink, because we wouldn't get the money selling them to either vendors or other players. c)Vastly expand crafter's repertoire, especially if they could RE blue and purple versions of common greens.


Tie spaceflight into the general game engine

Why do no quests involve "Kill this guy, then go into space and shoot down 50 fighters, then land somewhere and click the glowy thing."? Right now, spaceflight is a moderately amusing minigame that's completely disconnected from other mechanics.


Speeder mods

Faster engines, heavier armor, appearance customization... all of these could be the result of quests and/or player crafting, and I'm talking about adding on to the base speeders for each level, not the fact they get faster, etc, if you buy higher level speeders.


Fast travel to ship

Same cooldown as fast travel, it just dumps you in your ship right away. Can't see the real problem, here.


Fast travel to group leader

Again, on the same cooldown as normal fast travel, so it isn't insta-teleport, but it would be nice to not have to cross half the planet to join a group if you haven't found the nearest shuttle/speeder point.


More control over companion spec

Within their general role and personality, our companions should have some smaller skill trees of their own, including abilities relating to mission performance as well as combat.


More SP gain methods

A lot of heroic quests don't have dialogs of any real sort on turn-in, so you get no SP for running them. There should be a minimal reward for each quest goal/bonus goal completed while you're in a group. (Some kind of range limit to prevent people farming the points from the other side of the world.)

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