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Solution to help the new LvL 50's in PvP


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The big issue is the Empire has more fully geared players opposed to the Republic. So what would people/devs think about adding in a new item called "Centurion Bag" that has 7-10 centurion comms and a rare chance for a Champion Token(maybe 25:1 odds) and add a new daily PvP quest : Warzone matches played 0/5.


So play 5 warzone matches in a day and u get 10 or so Centurion comms. This would encourage newer PvP'ers to actually play and reward them even if they are getting crushed.


Regardless of what people say, gear does make a difference, and disparity between Centurion/Champion/Battlemaster is quite large. So when someone who has orange/blue and 3 pieces of Centurion gear comes in, they get wiped in about 4 seconds flat. It would help and also encourage the newer 50's imo if they at least had Centurion gear.


Just a vague idea, could possibly have more/less comms in the new "Centurion Bag" and possibly change the WZ played to 1-5.


Anyway I would love to hear some feedback on this idea.

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