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Rare Crafting Materials (BoA(ccount))


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So have you ever been in a group and a rare crafting mat drops and no one can use it, but if only you had taken one of your alts they could use it? While I can understand that it is to encourage many alts etc or interaction on the market, currently not many people have a variety of crew skills and are dropping them for the more lucrative or useful skills that may or may not utilize these rare mats.


I'd like these rare mats to be switched to bind on account, that way if you have alts or mules, if that is the game you play, they can utilize the mats rather than vendoring stuff they can't use. This may make everyone roll need on them (if they don't already), but why not if everyone can use them on an alt. But, that is a subject for a vastly different thread.

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