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Item Tiers Throughout the group content. Do you feel like progressing?


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I will be talking mainly about PvE here and specifically the loot distribution aspect, not the difficulty even though they are intersected and can't be separated.


Currently I find the gearing aspect in swtor lacking.

Let me explain why.


Flashpoints: best obtainable gear - Columi. Commendations - Tionese.

Normal raids: best obtainalbe gear - Columi. Commendations - Tionese.

Hard raids: best obtainable gear - Rakata. Commendations - Columi.

Nightmare raids: best obtainable gear - Rakata. Commendations - Columi.


Well now I can't help, but feel that BW got sabotaged by whoever made these decisions.

1) It should be the other way around - you farm commendations for better loot then you obtain directly, not for worse loot. I never ever had the use for tionese or columi commendations, because I got the loot before I got enough commendations.

2) Two of four group content sections are absolutely the same in gear quality even though they scale (or should scale) in difficulty.

3) Hardest tier does not reward highest rewards.


In the end I feel like skipping 2 of those 4 difficulty tiers, because they really have nothing to offer.


I feel responsible to suggest at least one schema for things to work a lot better in my humble opinion. Main objective is to make those 4 sections of group content to feel like you are actually progressing while moving through them and taking higher step each time.


Flashpoints: best obtainable gear - Energized. Commendations - Tionese.

Normal raids: best obtainable gear - Tionese. Commendations - Columi.

Hard raids: best obtainable gear - Columi/Exotech. Commendations - Rakata.

Nightmare raids: best obtainalbe gear - Rakata. Commendations - Rakata.


If you can't see what I did here, let me explain.

As you start at the lowest step, you get the poorest loot, if you can not advance to higher step with the loot you got - repeat and farm commendations for better loot.


Once you are able - move on to harder tier and get better drops instantly! If those are not enough to get you to Hard Raids - farm normals for a couple of weeks until you have commendations for a few Columi pieces.


Once you feel confident to take down Hard Raid bosses - go there and get instant Columi/Exotech rewards. I am 50/50 whether you should be able to farm highest tier loot commendations or not, so I leave this decision to you Bioware (either way it would be better compared to what we have now).


Once you are in the Hardest Tier you go for Highest prizes, with additional Nightmare Mode only rewards.


This way you would feel like actually progressing through content as well as progressing your character performance with better rewards in each step. I think it is very straightforward and logical, and it's the way it should have been from the start, but better later than never right?


Thank you for reading.

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