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Episode 1: 3D


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I have just returned from watching Episode 1 in 3D, and I am completely baffled at some of the major plot points, among other things. I watched the midnight premiere back in its original release, and as a kid, I enjoyed it... Of course I enjoyed it, its Star effin Wars. This doesnt mean however that you can have such a stupid plot line up the rest of the saga.


1) The biggest plot hole is the decision for a vote of "No Confidence" in the former Supreme Chancellor. If he was backed by greedy corporations or bureaucrats, then while the hell would Amidala's proposal even get acknowledged, let alone get accepted? That makes absolutely no sense.


2) The whole midichlorian thing to explain the power of the Force.... I dont need to explain this, and if I do, you are on the wrong forum. Its dumb, pointless, and backwards.


3) As technologically advanced as this universe is... Why did no one believe Amidala during her Senate hearing that Naboo was actually invaded?? I guess this galaxy has no form of media whatsoever.


4) The whole Anakin blowing up a Trade Federation control ship is absurd...


5) The lack of an actual main character baffles me too. If anyone knows who the real main character is in Episode 1, please explain this to me.


Other gripes, be it small or big, I guess:


No Han Solo-ish type characters in the prequels. We get to see plenty of bounty hunters, but no daring, charming character.. Although I feel like young Obi-Wan was quite charming throughout, just not the same as Han is.


Do Jedi, or better yet, anyone in the future, not mind the smell of burning flesh? Theres better ways to burn a body..


I am not sure whether every cast member just did their absolute worse, or if the direction Lucas wanted were for cardboard acting... No one displays emotion.. I get the reason behind Jedi, as well as Queen Amidala, but Shmi? Padme? Especially Padme, through this character the Queen can say or show her emotions as she pleases. When C-3P0 shows more emotion than your actors.... Something may be wrong.


On the plus side:




Duel of the Fates!


Qui-Gon Jinn! = Liam Neeson


Natalie Portman!


::End gripes::


1.First of all Chancellor Valorum was tied down, this was impled both by Palpatine and the opening crawl which stated he sent 2 jedi secretly to naboo as he couldn't get anything done in the senate, OPENING CRAWL STATES THIS. this implies that he has no control or is at the absolute point of being overturned by republic congress and that obviously the republic is no longer stable. Amidala saw this first hand, thanks to palpatine's manipulation and that being a Sovreign state, she can call upon a vote of no confidance in place of her senator, which leaves Palpatine as a clean candidate as he could argue he didn't think that valorum as corrupt blah blah blah, his queen called it.


2. the whole midichlorian not onced explained how the force itself works or why it exists only that midichlorians are the medium in all living things to have a symbiotic relation with the force itself. BINDS LIFE TO THE FORCE. Qui-gon even states that the FORCE created midichlorians so that life may commune with it, keeping the mystical force intact as it predates life and midichlorians and created both.


3. Again if you read the opening crawl, Naboo was being legally blockaded by the trade federation, obviously for violating trade laws. Notice at this point the trade federation calls in for many ships, and black out the comms of naboo, in a single day they conquer the place, and after the queen escapes they remove all but 1 ship so to appear that they aren't occupying naboo and that the queen bears no proof. The 2 jedi who were no authorized by the republic to investigate can't speak on her behalf as it would give fuel to fire that Valorum is corrupt and uses the jede like secret police. QUEUE palpatines line that it is believed that valorum is corrupt, but the accusations are baseless, however they do tie his hands down, so if it is revealed he sent 2 jedi illegally then those baseless accusations are now real.


4. Well honestly the trade ships weren't designed to facilitate a defensive structure, it is purely an offensive platform, so if a ship entered into its bay and shot out micro fusion warheads into a power generator specifically in the area designed to house and fuel warships, notice when anakin flies in you see dozens of the troop carriers that obiwan and quigon both leave on earlier, they are not small vessels. SO the destruction of these massive generators which are internal mind you would cause massive damage, its not rocket science, if you could get a f-16 missle inside the aircraft carrier itself where countless munitions are held do you think it would cause it to sink.


5. the movie has the same ensemble casting and pacing as episode 4, with an introduction into characters the first 20 mins, then focusing on a group of characters during the middle. Tell me when anyone became the main character specificallly in star wars eps 4, because Han steals lukes only solo limelight.

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mediclorian count was spot on. umm, the beurocrats are not senators. and anakin is the main character. All 6 movies where designed around the life of anakin skywalker(stated in various commentaries by George Lucas himself.). the invasion... they disabled all communications, all that anyone knew was there was a blockade. Edited by HollowVamp
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Not trying to be the bad Girl here, but if any part of this has caught my eye as a *** are you talking about comment its that Shooting a reactor wouldn't Destroy command ship, perhaps you weren't well educated but im pretty sure when a Nuclear Reactor fails THINGS BLOW THE HELL UP! Chernobyl anyone?
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