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This is what being an agent is all about


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I just want to start out by saying if you wanna be the popular class, favorite class, or Bioware's favorite class, you are in the wrong place. From day one agents have gotten the short end of the stick. I still remember a year ago the community saying how agents were the slaves of the sith. We don't have the sense of independcy or the bounty hunter, or the power of the sith

We are agents, the guys who maintain the empire and fix the problems the sith make, and make sure bounty hunters dont betray us

Is the nerfs and lack of attention to the agents right? Absolutely not!

Did it suprise me? Absolutely not!


We are a class that gets put down but somehow manages to survive. I'm proud to be an agent. My healing and dps is crippled compared to others but I work extra hard and gear up even better and outheal anyone at my level (38). We are agents, minimal resources - maximum effect. We are going to be crippled, unheard, and dis-respected. However, we will rise above it and perform to our best and out perform every other class.


I'm proud to be an agent and I say bring it on to the nerfs and terrible healing tree with worthless skill points! I'll just turn it around on you and beat you with it!


If anyone doesn't feel the same, perhaps you should go to a different class, because this is what an agent is all about.


Minimal resources - Maximum effect


Hoo rah

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I'm level 50, and almost to Valor 60 with the Champion Gear that goes along with that. It's good to enjoy a class and the promise of how the dynamics are meant to work, but at the same time, we are starting to be marginalized in the end game. It's incredibly difficult to do well, and on my server I can name the handful of good Operatives, which breaks down to two healers, two Concealment, and myself being a healer hybrid. With other classes, being 'okay' with them in level of skill is enough to be a threat. Unfortunately for Operatives, we're at the point where you're either great with the class, or you're worthless to your team.


For all the effort we put in, we'd be substantially better as another character class. There's no 'cruise control' for our class, everything has to be thought out carefully. The glass cannon's of Concealment's branch are now neutered to the point where I laugh on Vent when one of them attacks me, despite having the same level of expertise as myself. =/

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