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Linear Theme Park MMOs make it so hard to group with your friends!


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I've tried so hard to group with friends in SWTOR and every attempt ends up the same way. The problem comes with the linear progression and the linear built world. See you don't get this problem in standard multiplayer games because you're fighting other people and usually levels only mean what gear you have access to, they don't make you any more powerful.


I can wait for my friend to get to my level but I just get fed up with waiting for him level. I can make a new character but because we often play at different times one of us is always ahead of the other. As we're doing linear quests it is very hard to always be on the same part of these quests, when they're this linear it is impossible.


The only time you realistically get a chance to play together is Battlegrounds 1 - 49 and level 50. I hate battlegrounds, I want to do world PVP but there is no reward for it and if we're on different planets then one of us is getting killed easily by the PVE.


It just turns this game into being solo until 50 where you get bored because it's raids or battlegrounds because there is no world PVP. Saying that this game lacks the world feel anyways, worlds like Tatooine which should be like this have no mechanics around them to make anyone want to PVP there.



Playing MMOs like EVE, SWG Pre CU, PS you can always play together no matter how long you're been playing the game. Very much like other multiplayer games progression is very side ways, you don't grow in power but you gain more skills to give you more options. My friends could jump into EVE and we'd be PVPing right away, yes they'd have limited options but at least we could play together.


It isn't like the story couldn't be done in a non linear game either. Most of the story is done out in the world where you chat to an NPC and go into a cut scene. There is never any story that has any impact on the world in SWTOR so it isn't like the game needs to be linear. Besides you can have a linear story that isn't a linear path, Skyrim proves this with it's world design. The great thing about Skyrim is it makes you want to explore and visit the same locations twice, SWTOR doesn't do this.



In the end I feel like I would rather have KOTOR 3 because the MMO parts of this game aren't done well and they haven't learnt anything from previous MMOs of a similar design.

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