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Incoming on Dedicated Server Forums?


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Hi there!


We know that many players are eager to see each server get its own forum. You may be interested in what Allison Berryman had to say on the subject in her "Forum Changes Coming!" post:


We understand that some players would still prefer individual server forums. If volume in the Server Group Forums dictates and it is still too difficult to locate information important to you that relates to your server, we will continue to consider additional changes. We believe this organization will allow us to have a thriving area for per-server discussion, and we’ll remain flexible and receptive to feedback from these changes.


We will be closing this thread, but encourage you to continue the discussion in Allison's thread, linked above.


Remember, if you are having trouble finding threads from your server, you can always search by server prefix from the Search page, and only threads with that prefix will be displayed in your search results.


Thank you for your feedback and for your cooperation!

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