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How to fix the Biochem crisis


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Biochem is not OP. Never was.

Yes, the other crafting skills are very broken, but so is Biochem.


The real reason why EVERYONE still needs Biochem are the material costs for heal pots and adrenals.

The blue buff stims are ok, in terms of cost to make, but blue adrenals and heal pots cost exactly the same mats in the same ammounts as the stims.

Of course the stim is way more important then some adrenal, so we build those, sell them for around 10k on our server.

There is no point in making adrenals or heal pots. None.

If you go trough 2-3 adrenals per boss try, and 2 heal pots. Those are materials someone could use to make 5 stims, wich they rather do. No one is buying adrenals for 10k each.

Even if you know some Biochem guy, he will not be able to provide stims AND adrenals/heal pots for more then one person, unless he is not raiding buf farming non stop.


Your normal situation in raids (don't let me get started about pvp) in most mmos should be: everyone is fully buffed, the good players use pots, the hardcore players prepot. (that's using an adrenal right at the moment the pull starts)


Right now, even one adrenal per fight is just not possible to maintain if you do not have Biochem. That situation ist plainly broken.


WoW limits the use of pots to one per fight, therefore prepotting to bypass that, because people ran trough several stacks of pots per night. You had to farm all day for food, buffs, pots so you could raid the night.


Even the chainpotting and buffstacking of Vanilla WoW was more manageable then using adrenals and heal pots in SWTOR as a non Biochem player.


Fix the costs of adrenals and heal pots, so people can start using blue ones.

Something along the lines of 5 adrenals from the materials needed now should be fine.

Even some randomness could be fun, and right in line with the rest of the game. Like specialisations in WoW. Make 4-10 adrenals come out. With a random roll. Or something like that.


Could normal people afford to use the blue adrenals and heal pots, there would be absolutly no need for rakata stuff to be toned down. Right now I know no one, absolutly no one, who uses blue adrenals and heal pots. People with Biochem use Rakata, everybody else uses vendor stuff or nothing at all.

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