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Resolution to desertion and suggestions for WZ imbalance


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The trend I see: High Expertise 50s destroy young 50s. The young 50s leave the warzone, then someone queued up gets right in, see's its a mess and quits, revolving door. Two ideas that I think would solve it:


1) You must allow some type of PVE ways of getting PVP expertise, whether this be an special enhancement or a heroic quest that drops them, grinding out in PVP is extremely difficult as a young 50. The bag changes do not help because of the trend I mentioned above.


2) You give a new quest that is "participation" daily / weekly. Make it 2 or 3 times more than the wins, that way there is an incentive for players to stay and stick it out.


Just a couple ideas, maybe not perfect but WZs are trending in the wrong direction IMO. Would also be nice to have a OPs WZ like a 16v16.

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Part of the problem BioWare faces (which I sympathize with) right now is that too many different parts of PvP are broken in too many different ways right now to successfully address any ONE issue. To point, let's consider the whole "Warzone desertion" issue you are trying to address:


Imagine that you join a queue, let's also say for discussion's sake you're a Republic Trooper (I'll get to this in a minute). So you're waiting on the fleet for your queue to pop, when suddenly BUM BUM! It's go time! You excitedly take your queue. Turns out, it's Voidstar! Rock on! Troopers are great at Voidstar! You're even in a full group...but wait! You're on defense first, so you're relegated to a speeder ride, and while you're on the speeder, the match starts. You make it to the hold bay, but your teammates are already on the wrong side of a losing battle because you're locked into the hold because you had to endure a 30 second speeder ride LATE because some other player didn't take THEIR queue. But that's okay! Your teammates put up a valiant effort, and through smart gameplay, your team mounts a successful defense long enough for you to get into the action.


So you step out of the gates and the first thing that greets you? An equally geared Imperial Bounty Hunter! Combat ensues! You both duke it out, but his abilities seem a little more responsive, animate faster, and ultimately, you die. Well that was a bummer! You're disheartened, but you steel your resolve and prepare for another battle.


And then something else happens. These Imperials have been playing Huttball nonstop for the last four hours. Why? Too many Imperial players and not enough Republic players to fill the queues. The game defaults them to Huttball just so they can play something. They're sick of it. They're bound and determined not to lose. They exploit, and now, a minute into the game, you notice that there seem to be an overwhelming number of Imperial players (author's note: I know that both sides can pull the exploit, and I don't mean to imply bias, this is just a story for illustration) bearing down on you. That's because there are. There are now 11 Imperials in your Voidstar, while your Republic team is fielding 8.


The hopeless numbers quickly overwhelm your team. The first door folds like paper. Two players on your team are Battlemasters, they have no motivation beyond victories to complete their daily/weekly so they can get another Battlemaster bag. They quit. Bad becomes worse, the Imperials roll to the Datacore in 4 minutes and now you're flopped over to offense. Any newcomers to fill the spots on your roster have now been sucked into a hopeless cause and even if they stay, they do so for little to no benefit. You end up defeated, dispirited and behind your opponents on the gear grind because they win more, get more valor, and grind their way up the treadmill faster. More future Battlemaster v Jon Q. Newbie battles in the making. Just great.



For the unobservant, here's the list of things that story highlights


1) Faction numbers balance causes issues because Imperials play way too much Huttball, and they can dominate Ilum, discouraging further Republic participation. This is a tough issue because BioWare can't force faction balance, but it's an issue all the same.


2) "Mirrored" classes don't play like exact mirrors. Animations, timing errors, and sometimes just damage don't function the same on mechanical level for both factions. Not to sound like a broken and biased record, but these mostly fall the Imperials way which is discouraging for Republic players, exacerbating issue 1


3) Basic Warzone mechanics haven't been ironed out either. The east turret in Alderaan starts firing faster than the other two. Voidstar defenders are immediately shorthanded if someone skips a queue or doesn't load in fast enough. Resolve mechanics are sketchy at best in Huttball. Catching yourself on the wrong end of any of these problems promotes desertion.


4) Poor Incentives. Most people just want to get their daily done and be done with it. Why? The gear rewards are among the best available, and there's no need to assemble an Ops group to get them. Because of things like issues 1-3, PvP can be decidedly not fun, so it becomes the wrong kind of battle. You stare at that quest completion like a foe to be dispatched, instead of a reward for doing something you like doing anyway.


5) Gear discrepancies. Everyone wants to be rewarded for what they do, but as it is, a Battlemaster can pound an ungeared target into oblivion without much thought, skill, or effort. If coming in without gear is such a huge disadvantage, it will discourage future participation.



It's probably pretty obvious by now but all these issues tie into each other in some way, and also, desertion. If you implement deserter penalties while these issues still exist, players will only be angry that they're being penalized for things beyond their control, instigating more forum fire. Really, what BioWare needs is time, to slowly but surely address these issues as best they can.




TL;DR Several different facets of PvP are broken in different ways, and trying to address one without addressing the whole won't actually fix much.

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