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Allow lightsaber interchangeability


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It feels monumentally awkward to have all the stealth attacks of a Shadow or Assasin tied to a polesaber with both sides ignited. Or a marauder / sentinel without the option of using a polesaber.


If we allow any style of saber length to be used by any type of force user it would be a win win so long as they don't come tied to specific stats. That way you don't have everyone rolling on the same item.


Even now we have single sabers with different stats for guardian/juggernauts and sorcerer/sages.


I'd prefer if my shadow could use dual "short blade" sabers instead of a bulky polesaber. Or the option of igniting only one of the blades. Why not have all saber styles be interchangeable and carry whatever stats are class specific without it being tied to a specific style to class?

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