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A Few things I want to see come to SWTOR.


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Having watched the video on whats to come in SWTOR, and having heard that the developers would like to hear what we gamers want to see added to the game I would like to outline a couple of things that I believe would make an improvement to the game.


These are:


I personally think that the further into end-game we all get, its going to become stressful switching between sets of armour. A simple equipment manager would make this a hell of a lot easier for us.


To go with that dual specialization would be another asset for us. Being able to switch between specializations would mean people would be able to enjoy PvP and PvE both to the same magnitude, and in the ways that they want to play.


These are just a couple of my ideas, and should anyone else want to reply regarding anything they would like to see brought into the game feel free to do so.


Love as always,



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