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How did the Huuts come into power?


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This question has had me thinking for a while and i just realised i could just ask here, as you guys are probably way more adept in this lore than me.


So, how is it that all the hutts we see in this universe always sits in some position of power?


Their physique and shape makes me wonder how they got there, and why does so many have considerable power?

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Yes they appear as lazy fat slugs but they are actually incredibly strong so when they need to they can hold there own, they are also naturally resistant to a large amount of poisons so they are very hard to kill.


They bought Nal Hutta off the Evocii (ripped them off) and turned it into an industrial planet to build there wealth. They have maintained there wealth and power by taking care of there own families and there own race and using everyone else as slaves.


To the best of my knowledge, someone else may correct me but I believe that is right.

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I dont know but i am geusing they gain there power same way real life crimelords do.

By being smarter then there enemies.

Yes i highly doudt they win a fight without there servants however they are very smart and we all know loyalty can be bought,

This is especial true in star wars.


We got merceries in real life too(and i got no idea why there loyalty is for sale)

In short the hutt's are in charge because there smarter then there enemies.

Also there criminals meaning they dont accauly care who rules politc's they just want there cut.


EDIT: As for where they got the money to hire people in the first place.

Same way people did in our history.

A combonation of chance skill and diterminaton.

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