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EU maintenance times


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pls i cant read it anymore.I live in EU and i play 2-4h (6-7h sometimes) every day i didnt lost even one day since i started to play tor and its usually betwen 4pm-11pm.

its 9am - 1pm in EU and every normal person in here dont have time for games at this time becouse they are working or in school.

So if your angry that you cant play you probably are unemployed or addicted to gaming and that is just sad.

Every maintenance in EU ends before 4pm and thats when 99% of people get home and im just sick to hear all this whining about EU time interrupting gaming times in EU.

And yes there was one saturday morning maintenance and it was bad for me too but if you dont have anything to do exept playing tor on saturday morning its your problem.

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yes i know some ppl work at diferent times but they are minority and event working on night shift you have more then 3h of free time if not you should find a normal jub cos wokink for ex.14h is not normal.

BTW its was 3h maintenance today and it was really all your free time today ?

pls im not so naive.

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Greetings everyone!


Since we have an active thread on the topic of maintenance and how it effects our EU community, we are going to close this thread and ask that you continue giving constructive discussion and feedback in this thread:


Weekly server maintenance EU times?


If you would like to discuss or give feedback on tonight's maintenance, we ask that you please discuss it here:


Another DOWNTIME tonight


Thank you! :)

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