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Sign here if you think we need to cancel subs to get things fixed.


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Sign here if you think it will be necessary to cancel our subscriptions in order to see real change. I believe it will take nothing less. Error 9000 one more time and I'm done.




Your logic is astounding, seriously. /not signed

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so we all cancel. what will happen ?


A : they hire 300 new techs and work 24/7 and everything gets fixed


B : the finance guys say "o hell.... that's it then" and close the game down as no more money is coming in


which is the more likely ?

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In all honesty, the only thing MOST companies respond to is potential loss of revenue, so in that light - it's an excellent idea.


However, I don't have the issue you do any longer, as they cleared up mine. Sorry you still have it.

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Hi there!


While we welcome all feedback, positive and negative, there is little room for constructive discussion in reply to this topic. For suggestions on how to improve this game, please feel free and encouraged to post your ideas in a new thread in the Suggestions Forum


Also, the following threads are available for the sharing of suggestions and/or noting of bugs/issues.


The Suggestion Compilation Thread - Regularly updated!


Ultimate Bug List


For guidance on how to provide constructive feedback, please visit Allison Berryman's thread on that topic available here.


As a note: Petition threads are typically not allowed because simply posting "/signed" is spam. We welcome and encourage the community to share what they like and dislike, however, we ask and expect that this is done in an appropriate and constructive manner.



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