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RNG Skill Point Usage


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Frankly, I think RNG (Random Number Generator) perks are quite dumb. They do not show skill, since you can get your perk kicking in every now and then, and literally change the outcome of the game.



Let's take an example. The Marauder, in it's Annihilation tree (the Damage over Time one, forgot what it was for Sentinel). They have a perk that gives a 33% chance when using Vicious Slash, or a 66% chance when using Annihilate, to reduce the cooldown on Rupture to 0 seconds.


This is flawed, if you ask me.



Rupture, to a Marauder (and whatever the equivalent is for Sentinels) is a KEY component of that tree. Having it be on an RNG is absolutely silly.


I could potentially use Vicious Slash twice after my initial attempt to reduce the cooldown with Annihilate, and still not have my Rupture up. This reduces my damage by a significant amount, as it will not gain me more Fury generation (with perks) nor will it give me more healing (again, perks).



Literally, the tree can live or die based on ONE RNG that really shouldn't be there.







My proposal: Instead of the percentage chance on perks, why don't we just drop the MAGNITUDE of the perk at lower levels?


Why have Rupture be 0% or 100% reduced cooldown? Why not have it be 11/22/33 percent reduced COOLDOWN instead?



Why is it all or nothing? Why not just a static amount depending on your skill point use? RNG is just a flawed mechanic anyway, because if you know ANYTHING about computers, it's that RNG isn't actually random at all.

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