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Suggestion in Poem Form.


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Since bioware has not responded, commented on, or even acknowledge either a bug or a seriously idiotic styling feature with Jedi Robes on body type 2, I've decided to put it in poem form for them, with the actual "suggestion" part being the last 2 lines of the poem.




Everyone has some kind of fear.


There are those who fear to lose their career, and those who fear to lose someone dear. Those who fear to domineer and those who fear to be austere. Those who fear who they revere will just walk out and disappear. Those who fear to engineer and those who fear to pioneer, those who fear to interfere and those who fear what is not clear.


There are those who fear to be insincere, and those who fear it may sound queer,


And though it may, I dare to say

That what I fear is my own rear.

And though I’ve tried to persevere,

I can’t continue standing here

As the sith point and jeer,

Guffawing at my bulbous sphere.

I realize now it’s very clear

That these words won’t reach an ear

and even if you were to hear

You still won’t think it’s that severe.


But fat as hutts are our butts,

Just thinking of it drives me nuts!


So here I cry about this rut,

And ask you for a smaller butt.

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