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Taking too long to "Get out of Combat" & more! Some fixes are mandatory!


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As a veteran WoW Arena Player I feel that, like many others, could come here and give some suggestions in order to enhance our play experience on SWTOR PVP.


I'm currently playing Sith Assassin and I've been having some issues which most of you should be facing as well...


1- Leaving combat in order to get a re-stealth is sometimes taking 15+ seconds, a fix should be mandatory in this matter as it must get the player out of combat in no more than 5-7 seconds, stealthing plays a big role on my class and the game has been triggering the Out of Combat state only when my target is DEAD (which is instant Out of Combat). Also, this is important for those who hide behind boxes waiting on OOC state to use the OOC Heal.


2- I'm not being able to track the debuff of "Mind Trap" on the targets portrait and its tooltip is not informing us the debuff duration on Player targets.


3- Does this game have diminishing returns like WoW has? Something im being caught on endless stuns, blinds and w/e and dying from 100% -> 0% without the chance to Vanish.


Just some suggestions, feel free to discuss...


Renato C

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