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Wonky armour allocation


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so we have:


Light Armour - Willpower heavy for Jedi/Sith dps & heals

Light Armour - Endurance heavy for Jedi/Sith tanks (and PvP sort of)


Medium Armour - Strength for Jedi/Sith dps

Medium Armour - Endurance (but still Strength) for Jedi/Sith tanking but no Jedi/Sith tanking AC would use it as they have Heavy Armour.

Medium Armour - Cunning for Smuggler/Agent dps or heals

Medium Armour - Endurance (but still Cunning) for Smuggler/Agent PvP? have seen defense versions of this too!


Heavy Armour - Aim for Trooper/BH dps & heals

Heavy Armour - Endurance (with Aim) for Trooper/BH tanking

Heavy Armour - Strength for Jedi/Sith dps

Heavy Armour - Endurance (with Strength) for Jedi/Sith Tanking


Now I understand that they have 2 types of each armour so that there is a variety and to allow for peoples tastes but having Strength based Heavy Armour skews the balance badly. Not only does this mean that Synthweaving needs to learn more armour crafts (light, medium and heavy armour) but they get screwed in the RE learning process too (RE 20-30 greens only to learn a blue Strength Medium Armour with defense stats or even worse do it with 20-30 blues to get a purple that no one will use!). Why couldn't Jedi/Sith tanks (or single sabre dps) wear medium armour but have armour multiplication or additional avoidance baked into the spec like the Jedi/Sith light armour tanks?


None of the companions uses defense strength medium armour and only one that I'm aware of uses strength heavy of any variety! I know it is too late to make such an ingrained change but felt I needed to vent.

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