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Respeced to Sheild Tech


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So I respeced for the first time again after hitting 50 last week and move most of my skills back into the Shield tech tree rather than my Shield/Advanced hybrid.


I have to say it is much better now with more stats pushed back to shielding, rocket punch (RP) and rail shot (RS).


I was getting owned as a newbie 50 but now am seeing 2000 points of damage once and awhile with the RP and RS.


The 10% shield chance is actually pretty nice too.


Here is my current spec:



Any recommendations?


I'm thinking I should build up critical and surge now. Is that correct to increase my RP and RS damage?

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Thats similar to my original hybrid with the retractable blade.


I found that my FPS didn't allow me to use it effectively the missing "serrated blades" reduced their overall damage, hence I pushed more for the rocket punch as "flame surge" and "flame shield" in the Shield tech tree I think tries to encourage it more.


This is usually my opener


Explosive Dart / Neural Dart ->Jetpack->Rocket punch->rail shot->Flame burts->Rapid shots


repeat where possible

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