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Social Dailies


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I want more social points but i dont want to farm Black Talon normal in a group to get it, i think there should be some social dailies to get you big rewards like maybe some social gear or add some social comms that can be used to buy gear or social points but these dailies would have to be in groups of 2 or more. for example maybe there is a "4+ Social" meaning you need at least 4 people to complete the quest.


Ex, each person would have a role in the quest to say unlock a chest. so in order to do it, say 2 people need to hit buttons together, 1 needs to jump over a series of stuff to unlock something that the last guy can be allowed to access after each phase is done.


bioware, you seem to like adding puzzles in Ops so i am sure you can come up with some fun dailies that can be done in groups.


Most importantly dont make all the dailies on the same planet or the same ones everyday, mix it up a bit allow some variation on which ones we can do.


*note this can add more content for lvl 50's to do!


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