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What might fix many issues with this game...


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There seems to be an imbalance between Rep and Imp side, with more Imp players.


My feeling is that there are bonuses and rewards offered by BW for players to roll Rep. Some of the professions seem to be a bit... boosted in power on the Rep side. The WZ bug where 12 can group on their side and only 8 on Imps is not fixed etc.


I play exclusively Imp. That is because I have fun doing it... and was forced to choose a side. There is little reward for me also playing Rep as I cant trade and share crafts etc between my characters.


If I could play Imp and Rep on same server and share my resources between characters I'd play both. So would many of my friends. As it is now we choose a side and stick with it for crafting and equipment reasons. (Yeah I know many of you play both, but its much less than it would be if you could freely even just communicate in chat with your friends in the other place.)


And in this day and age... you can't chat with the opposition players in tells? What does that help? If anyone wants to spoil all they have to do is communicate in vent or teamspeak etc. Segregating sides... including chat is pointless. And does more to damage game than help it.

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