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No Republic Red Twi'Lek Skins


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Okay, it's been two months, and this hasn't been fixed yet. I'm getting impatient. I waited for years on this forum, setting up this character, so I could play a red skinned Jedi Twi'Lek female. I was able to play one on Beta and I was pretty stoked about it. Then the game was released, and red skin girls aren't on the Republic side. You can play a Sith Inquisitor on the Imperial side, and if you go DS, you turn pink, making them almost moot. But you can turn off that feature or be LS Sith. But still, my main fantasy character was a Jedi Knight female Red Twi'Lek. So yeah, I'm really REALLY disappointed about this.


But what makes it worse, is I find out the male skins are different. Here are the following color schemes for males and females:


Jedi Knight/Consular Male Twi'Lek:


Dark Blue, Yellow/Green, Light Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow


Sith Inquisitor Male Twi'Lek:


Dark Blue, Yellow/Green, Light Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow


Jedi Knight/Consular Female Twi'Lek:


Dark Blue, Yellow/Green, Light Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow


Sih Inquisitor Female Twi'Lek:


Dark Blue, Yellow/Green, Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow


I don't get it. The males have all the colors, the females are selective. If you just look at the females, it makes a kind of stupid sense. Light blue and green Twi'Leks are good and Red/Orange Twi'Leks are evil. Like the lightsaber colors.


Honestly, I feel like some coder snuck this in to be funny or cute. Because it implies someone in charge decided to place a person's skin tone as a factor in determining if they're good or evil. IMO, that just sends a bad message.


This weird skin tone rule also doesn't apply to male Twi'Leks. When I found out they can be all the colors, that just made this feel even more unfair. There's no logic to this. It just comes off as gender bias. Have you ever heard of, "What's good for the goose is good for the gander."? This idiom means that the sexes should be treated the same way and not be subjected to different standards.


I know there are more important bugs to fix and work on. What bothers me the most about this is that it would probably take fifteen minutes to add some extra lines of code, just tact on some lines in a string at the end to add the color schemes. If they're added on the end, it wouldn't mess up the first string choices or anyone's current color setting, and just add two extra color choices.


It's possible they crammed in the six choices because eight causes some kind of error in the code. I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. It could also be an oversight or an error on their part. I don't know. Either way, I'm still unhappy with the results.


The thing I was most looking forward to was creating a red Twi'lek female Jedi, and I'm being denied this. And sure, I could make a Twi'Lek guy, but I don't want to be a male Twi'Lek. I want to be able to be the fantasy char I was looking forward to being when I first heard this game was coming out.

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Agreed. I was mystified by the lack of choice with female Twees, especially considering it's one of the more interesting race options available to Pubs.


Dd you notice the lack of face models too? There's something like 17 to chose from, but 12-17 are almost *exactly* the same.


From what I can tell, female Twees have the most limited options out of any race/gender combo.

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