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Advanced Classes, alternately, GMs that aren't impotent


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So I decided to play Empire with my friend, and wanted to heal as a Sith Sorcerer. When I got to level 10 shortly before bed last night, I wrapped the night up by choosing my advanced class.


I wanted to take a good look at both trees -- since talent trees/theorycraft have been an interest of mine since WoW -- and was on vent with a friend, kind of distracted.


I accidentally clicked "Select" rather than "Inspect" on Sith Assassin.


Now, as a post-secondary computer science student, my first thought is that this wouldn't be a big deal, after all, a basic principle that you're taught in first year computer programming is that you don't let the user make decisions with potentially disastrous consequences without asking "are you sure?" Try and delete a file in Windows, it asks if you're sure, try and kill a process through the Task Managar, it asks if you're sure. This is a good example and should be a model for developers.


Do you think that customers of Microsoft Word would be pleased if Microsoft put "close the document without saving and without confirmation" right next to "save"?


Even the GNU commands, designed to be used from the terminal -- possibly the worst UI to exist -- have "are you sure?" -- unless you specify /f.


Apparently, however, BioWare's UI developers never bothered to study this particular facet of HCI, and -- unlike item deletion -- didn't have the WoW UI as a reference to steal from, and therefore there is no confirmation dialog when choosing your advanced class, which is hilarious because there's even a "confirmation dialog" of sorts when spending talent points -- i.e. the "Commit" button -- but, this exists in WoW too, which comes back to WoW not having an advanced classes template for them to shamelessly rip off.


But this isn't such a big problem, after all, I just made this bad choice, I haven't spent any talent points, I haven't opened my Sith Assassin bag, I haven't even left the room where the trainers are. I'll just petition the GMs and they can allow me to re-select my advanced class, right?


"I regret to inform you that we don't have the option to change your character Sith Assasin to Sith Sorcerer once you select it."


Apparently not.


So here's my "suggestion": Don't waste my time through inept design, and, if you're going to have GMs give them the ability to actually do something.


My friend on Empire is going to have to play alone, because I'm not going to let awful design steal another four hours of my time.


Strongly considering whether a company so inept is worth my money.

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