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Hello Bioware,


I am 25 years old SWtor player. I`m sending this message just because i really want this game to succeed in a long term. There is no way that the games potential is going to waste.


Firstly i need to thank you for a great game that addicted me for a first time after World of Warcraft. I stopped playing WOW about 3-4 years ago beause i didnt really have time for it. SWtor made the difference, the whole concept forced me to make time so i can play mmorpg starring Star Wars.


But, as like many people i like the social point of view in this game, friends, guilds, people. Now many, and i mean many friends have stopped playing when im just starting to play and the world is starting to amaze me. Same time that im getting amazed by the world im getting hammered down by the little things and the things advanced players tell me, the bad things. I will list some at the end of the message but it`s really not the point im making.


My point in this message is that i know im not the only one feeling this way and i am really in fear that i will lose my interest in this game and i really dont want to. Dont get me wrong, i would have bought this game in every situation just to get my own character in Star Wars universe and experience the conversations, story, planets etc. But that`s the first month. What keeps me subscribing if my friends are leaving and i am getting more annoyed by the little things done "almost properly"? By the way this is definitely not a cry to get more content, this is a cry to get good content and fixes to keep players in the game.


I know that this game is very new and these games take time to mould, im also in fear that you do not have the luxury of time because there`s many good online games out there not to mention WoW. A good example of this is me and my friends. There was many reasons i bought SWtor but the biggest was my colleague from work, he was so excited of this game in beta and few weeks after that. I struggled if i`m buying your game or not, because it really consumes time. Im willing to consume time if its fun, of course. When i finally bought the game about a week ago my colleague and his guild didnt play anymore, they were back playing World of Warcraft. Blizzard has one thing that i have always admired, the content and updates were always very polished and tested before releasing, they didn`t take players as granted.


I am not quitting yet. This is just a plead to you to really keep the players happy and do not think that players are stupid, Thank you for an awesome game. I hope the game will succeed and really take it`s place among online games.


Things that have bothered me the most:


Galactic trade network - almost everything in it but the most annoying is that you can not search just by the name.


Flashpoints - Looking for group could be lots easier and there should be some way to summon people to the flashpoint. Now you just sit by the entrance and wait for the people if you even get the group together.


Moving from place to place takes lots of time. I don`t want this game to be a copy of World of Warcraft but they made the right decision when they invented time saving options to the game. For example the summoning of players and "teleports".


Thank you if you had the motivation to read this massive message :) Keep the game rolling and people happy!

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