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1.1.2 patch Force Strike


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Just from the current test server patch notes, force strike is being changed to requiring force techniques breach? Meaning, the current kinetic build 23/0/18 can not use it anymore since we have to use combat technique? It seems to be working just fine now, why change it? It's not OP, not really under either. Just a worthless change? Or any real reasoning....or...will it still be usable in combat technique?
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I have mixed feelings about this. I like the idea, and I want to support it but with the cooldown of force breach as long as it is, it's very limiting.


The effect is supposed to kick in no less than every 7.5 seconds BUT force breach has a 15 second cooldown.


So when fighting trash mobs. You apply on a mob, lets say within the first 5 seconds it's proc'ed. The mob dies, you swap to the next target, you have 10 more seconds before you can actually reapply, maybe another 5 seconds before you see another proc.


In other words, fighting trash mobs you won't actually see a proc less than every 15 seconds.


The same applies in PVP. I mean yes, sure ideally you don't want to be switching targets too much in pvp. But in a skirmish over a node you're going to swap targets to tap people and prevent them from capturing. When you do, it might take you a good 10-15 seconds just to figure out where the hell that one player went with your dot. It's better to be flexible. which leads to a proc more than 15 seconds apart instead of the 7.5


Force Strike becomes something that we only rely on in long fights and single target pvp.


I'd like to see the cooldown on force breach removed to accommodate the change to force strike. Or at the very least, see it reduced to the minimum 7.5 seconds to match for force strikes proc.


My understanding is that the change to the talent is to encourage people to use force technique more often. An alternative might be to cause the proc to come off the force techniques damage proc instead of force breach. Or have it proc off of Force breaches actual tic's allowing us to dot one mob while we melee another.

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You missed the part where next patch, you can spec into a shorter CD for FT's Breach.


That's entirely possible. I'm completely uninformed as far as future updated go. I'm only aware of this one because the tool tip had leaked into the last patch right before I speced into force strike. The change really ****ed me up for a few days.


Are they appending the reduced time to an existing talent? or are they replacing a talent entirely with it?

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