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SWG: Sunrunner Returns


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Not 100% positive anyone would actually remember me, but I played on Sunrunner from 06-09 as Iroshi, I was a Bounty Hunter. Was in a pretty big Imperial guild, though I can't remember the name of it right now. Kane was the leader (or one of the leaders of it). Edited by BH_Iroshi
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Anyone from SRA or NITES from Sunrunner playing?

Chiir, I paid $15 to reactivate this crappy account to this crappy game JUST TO TELL YOU HOW TO GET IN TOUCH WITH US!!!!!!!!!! I PM'ed my e-mail address.


I reformed SRA on SWG-EMU Basilisk and we're having a GREAT time. Hellian is here...Odelagga (was there) Urrabo and Grey were trying to play TOR also - but I told them not to bother, to come to SWG-EMU Basilisk. (they haven't yet) YOU SHOULD, THOUGH!!!


http://www.swgemu.com Now bah. You'd better come, $15 to activate a crappy free to play game... bah :p


All you other Sunrunnerians should come too. There are LOTS of us there.

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