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Weapons Preview.


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Please please please please give us weapon preview.


Even if its just adding the weapon to the tiny tiny preview window you have now for armour...


because i rarely buy a weapon for my characters, instead only using the ones i find since i think that the way a weapon looks is just as important as the way my armour looks.


And i dont want an ugly gun! (not that i have much choice for the first 20 or so levels as a BH... smugglers get great guns, but the BH guns either look like hairdryers or waterpistols :/ )



Of course, i would prefer a large preview so we could see details and such, but any kind of preview would be great!


(and it could also save us from buying guns that are bugged, like that one pistol that floats infront of your hand pointing 45 degrees downwards :/ )

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