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How my Sentinel Measures up to..


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This is a comparison of a commando(gunnery) in PVE to a sentinel(watchman), this won't compare every skill to each other but just some general observations while teaming up

with a commando. This is up to level 36.




We both had mostly orange gear and made our own mods or bought them with commendations. Generally speaking we were equally geared.



Heavy VS medium armor


I'm not sure if the gap gets bigger but there was only less than %5 difference between medium and heavy armor


Class Quests


Both class quest are interesting and entertaining. However the Trooper quests seem much easier than the Jedi Knight quests. In no case did my Trooper buddy need help to complete his quests, but a couple of times I ran into quests that seemed too difficult to complete alone. I'm not saying it's impossible but it would require me to play perfectly using every right cooldown and ability to succeed. I don't know about you guys but i just want play the game being moderately challenged and enjoy the story, NOT play on INSANE difficulty and die 20 times before I finally beat said boss.


Fighting mobs (Single target damage)


Most of the time when my abilities actually fired off (stuttering bug) I was able to keep agro even with my buddy firing all out. So even though I don't have a damage

tracking mod, I'm pretty sure I do more damage to a a single target than a trooper. So I think until we can confirm the numbers our Single target damage is fine.


Fighting mobs (AOE damage)


Okay so here is the biggest difference to put it bluntly our AOE sucks and is a complete joke compared to a trooper I doubt that even focus spec is much better.

They have a 1min cooldown that at level 36 does 2500 damage to an area AND knocks down weak and standard mobs for the duration. My master strike (30 sec cooldown) only does 1700 damage to ONE target. Seems a little unbalance that an area attack does more than a single target... BUT if that wasn't enough the trooper has access to shorter cooldown abilitys that can two shot most weak and standared mobs.


Fighting mobs (Survivability)


I think when I use my cooldowns I have more survivability than my trooper friend. The burn heals help a lot too.



Final Thoughts


The class quests for jedi knight should be made easier, people looking for a CRAZY challenge should go solo a heroic or flashpoint or something.


Our ability to handle alot of weak and standard mobs is a complete joke compared to the trooper. I think this why we seem so weak as where 5 standard mobs is a cake walk to the trooper it is a near death experience for a jedi knight. Now rather than giving the jedi better AOE I would suggest one of two things:


1. Combine opportune strike and pommel strike into an attack 10-15 sec cool down that does (2500 at level 36) on standard and weak mobs (and either 0 or reduced on strong) when they are stunned, slowed, knocked down, etc. This would allow the jedi to quickly take down weak and standard mobs one at a time.




2. Give the jedi increased reflection via ability or passive against weak and standard mobs




The other things I would suggest are more wants than needs:


Make cyclone slash into a 10m cone effect knockdown for weak and standard mobs (15-30 sec knockdown)

Call on the Force cooldown lowered to 5 min



Anyways feel free to post your comments or your own experience with how the sentinel stacks up to other classes

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If I do have one complaint with Sentinels (and knights in general) is the AOEs. Early you get a nasty one but it loses potency as you get higher and cyclone slash is rarely used and comes too late. The trooper (I went Commando) gets brutal with Mortar (and Hailfire with Commando) and they scale nicely. With the Commando I would deliberately suck in the Rakghouls of Taris then open up with Hailfire. Anything that survived I used concussive charge to finish.

With Cyclone Slash I suggest maybe a 360 attack pattern with a bit higher damage. The cost I would leave alone as you can spec it to cost only 1 Force Point. That way you can jump a mob squad, hitting the strong with the jump, then Force Sweep - Cyclone Slash to clean house with the weak/normals then focus on strong. Its what I do with Commando.

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