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What's wrong with SWTOR?


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Hello Everyone,


So I am trying to play SWTOR this morning and the client would not update. It keeps giving me a failed message and now the only way to proceed is a repair which appears to be re-downloading the entire game. EDIT: I am on my 3rd attempt now and about to call phone support.


The patch is probably broken and this is yet anouther band-aid fix. I am guessing I am not the only one since the download rate is at 1/3 its normal rate.


I play on the server Wound in the Force and am the GM for one of the top raiding guilds and PVP guilds on the Rep. side. Over 50% of the Reps. don't even log in anymore. All of the other predominate guilds, can barely put together a decent raiding group anymore. I'd say guild population and server population is down to 20% of what it was two weeks ago. People really just don't want to play anymore. Every time you turn around in the game it feels like BW is slapping you in the face. The number of issues and bugs we have experienced as a guild is beyond anything I have experienced in any game. I am not talking one or two items here, I am talking about dozens upon dozens of bugs that DESTROY a persons gaming experience and NO ONE AT BW SEEMS TO CARE.


I currently have a half dozen tickets open for items like Columi main hands that would not assign to the correct player or chests that could not be looted in EV and not a single response has been received. My guild members are like *** and all I can do tell them to be patient, that hopefully one day we will get assistance. Meanwhile, they stop showing up to raid out of frustration... and can you blame them?


We have cleared EV and KU on normal and HM and the number of failed attempts we went through because of bugs was ridiculous. Did anyone actually test this content before deploying it? EVERY SINGLE BOSS IN BOTH EV AND KU HAS BEEN BUGGED WHILE TRYING TO COMPLETE IT, MORE TIMES THAN NOT, DESTROYING THE GAMING EXPERIENCE.


I have the Rakata main hand. It's a useless item that is broken as use more regurgitated graphics and effects. You'd think a dev team that took pride in the creation would have fixed this along time ago.


I was going to continue with this post but I am just attempting to satisfy my own frustration. Instead of beating my head against the wall and paying for a broken product and supporting a dysfunctional software company that doesn't seem to give two *****s about their users or their product. I am canceling my subscription until BW gets serious.

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