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What pvp should be


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Since the game is patching and I'm bored I'll rant a bit.


I'm 50, have a bit of gear. I like WZs it's fun , flawed but still fun. I pug a lot but if I wanted I have a gp of solid pvper in my guild I can group with. Illum is a bit of a joke but not bad enough that I would quit the game over it. Yet I am going to unsub swtor. Why? Because I am bored to bits. I log on get my daily pvp quest, do 6 wzs to get my 3 wins. After about 5 or 6 I just can't bring myself to do the same WZ again. So now what? to illum and ride my bike for another hr zerg some poor jedi and pick up crates. At this pt I have done all I can and want in Swtor as a pvper. And the next day I get to do the same thing again.


Now lets compare to DAoC which I played for a good 6 years. I log on, I check my guild right away to see if I can get a guild gp going. If I get a good group going we can go to the island in rvr zone and fight other 8 mans. When we are done with that we can go find where the zergs are fighting and either roam the edge of the zerg and pick off people, or block road to the zerg and stop reinforcements. Or join the zerg as a gp and spearhead attacks or lead defenses. If we get bored of that we can go to a dungeon and kill other gps who are trying to kill boss mob for gear, we kill them and then kill the boss . If we get bored of that we can go find some random keep and just start attacking it to get a zerg to fight us and see how long we can last vs massive zerg.



Lets say I can't find a full gp, I can build a small group of 3-4 people and we can roam the docks of the other realms where people have to go to take boats. We setup traps and ambushes for solo players . We try to bait out stealthers and try dodge full gps and zergs. We can find a tower take it and try hold it as long as we can.


lets say I can't even find 2-3 ppl to gp with. I can head out solo and go to the solo area and duel other people. or just stay at my own docks and fight the endless stream of stealthers and small groups trying to gank people like me who are solo. I can join the zerg and fight for the realm. I can go to rvr dungeons and try ruin peoples day by jumping on them when they are trying to down a boss.


I can play DAoC for days and never ever get bored. That is real pvp. If you never played something like DAoC you won't get what pvp could be like. To this day I still remember my first 100 vs 100 fight standing at the end with a few of my realm mates with hundreds of dead player bodies littered all over the landscape and the awe of knowing you lived through that madness. Or the time I manage to kite 5 players cross 1/2 a zone and kill them one at a time. Or the time I had a epic 1/2 hr 1 v 1 . People cared about that game, vn boards was a fun place to go , you knew the names of all the good players from your side and the other sides. You developed friendships and respect for your foes. Anyhow I ranted enough. Time well wasted .

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