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What I enjoy about the Sentinel, and other ramblings.


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Hi All,


I see tons of QQ, honestly I would swear I was still in the Shaman forums over at the other MMO's site. I am really loving this class, I must admit that I came to the class late, I am traditionally a healer class, not a pure DPS class, plus I had made the mistake of coming in to this forum and paying attention to the QQ. I had not played much in the way a DPS'er in other MMO's for very long because they were either:


A) Overly complicated with no payoff for learning the complication




B) Mind numbingly easy. 3-5 Buttons to "I Win"


B has never appealed to me, and A is depressing.



So I've always gravitated to healing where the is a distinct level of complexity but, in most cases, understanding that complexity is rewarded in outperforming others in your role.


So I imagine you can see where I'm going with that. The Sentinel AC is, for me, the DPS equivalent of a Healer, in that the class is sufficiently complex in it's method, but that complexity has payed off in spades for me.


I've played every Republic AC to the mid 20's (excepting Gunslinger) now, and I seem to be dealing out significantly more Damage as Sentinel than any other class, and I also seem to be far less squishy. I will admit that the Sentinel forced me to change my style of play and definitely requires actually strategizing your attacks and make use of a lot, sometimes all, of your cool downs. I believe that for this clas you are making a huge mistake if you do not select "biochem/bioanalysis/diplomacy" as your 3 Crew Skills. Even forgetting costs of stims/medpacs, there is a very simple fact that unlike DPS hybrids, you will take damage and while you have mitigation and limited self heals and cannot just stop mid high and turn yourself into a pocket healer. Biochem is the closest you can get to that.



At the end of the day though, I believe this to be the most fun AC out there, though not the easiest by any stretch of the imagination. I hope nothing is done to simplify the class.


Now fixing things like ability lag, or the Jedi Big Butt Syndrome, is another story altogether :D

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