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Stuff to fix. For Real.


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I like your game. It has potential.


There are some aspects of your game that are asinine. They need to be fixed ASAP or you risk losing even more customers than you have now.


1) Ilum. The only reason why people go out to this place is because of the PvP daily/weekly. I stay long enough to get the daily done and I'm out asap. It is nothing but a laggy, poorly thought-out zergfest. Games are supposed to be fun. Ilum is the anti-fun. Lag is so bad melee are pretty much useless, and that's with a PC that plays all other games on Ultra settings without a hitch.


What needs to be done to fix Ilum?


-FIX THE LAG!!! Are you kidding me? We can't have a 20v20 fight out there without the game slowing to a crawl? Who is the brain child that didn't see this coming?


-Balance the numbers. Do you know why no one ever implements a warzone with 8 guys on one side and 12 on the other? BECAUSE IT WOULD BE STUPID. And yet Ilum goes unbalanced. Move the PvP portion of Ilum to it's own instance server and balance the numbers to within +-5 of each faction and you will be on the right track.


-Spread crates around the map. Why have all the gathering crates located in one easily campable location? Once again, who pulls the trigger on these decisions? Have they ever played video games before?


-Get the stupid assault site objectives out of my quest log. They're not actual quests and you flash them on the screen every 2 minutes anyway. Don't put them in my quest log.



2) Not receiving credit for wins on daily PvP quest. How hard can this be to fix? I get a win, add 1 to my total. How do you manage to break that? If I were a programmer on this project I'd be too embarrassed to show my face until this was fixed.


3) Targeting. The targeting in this game sucks. Tab targeting is terrible no matter how you look at it. It would help if you allowed the nameplates to be clickable. Getting the guy you want to attack or heal selected out of a group is near impossible. And many times the players don't show up in the ops frames. Fix tab targeting so it tabs to targets in the characters' field of vision. Work on this. Fix this.


4) Animation delay. My character still double-pumps on Force Sweeps, Bladestorms, etc. You were supposed to have "improved" it. BS. I want it FIXED, not IMPROVED. Sith works fine, make Republic work flawlessly too. I mean really? Really?


5) Stealthies. When a stealthy engages you and then vanishes it should remove you from combat. You shouldn't be stuck in combat because, well, you AREN'T IN COMBAT ANYMORE. They chose to disengage. They have to deal with the fact that we may use our heal, or just mount up and ride away.



These should be your top priorities. They SHOULD have been working correctly since launch. Yes, I realize it's a new game, but standards are higher now. Other MMOs have raised the bar. And quite honestly, I know you have been playing those games, and so you should have learned something from them. It's cool to do your own thing, but sometimes it's ok to do what the others have done because they're doing it a certain way for a reason.


SWTOR is a good game with a few glaring snafus in it. Fix the snafus and things will be fine. Ignore these things and watch your playerbase melt away.

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