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Uh oh, I think I'm getting bored with pvp


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Wow, I've really been enjoying pvp the last few weeks. The steady stream of new skills on my Jedi Shadow has kept me consistently coming back for more. By far the best one imho is force pull. Yay. The game has been every bit of fun as wow was for me "back in the day" up until now.


For some strange reason after playing quite a bit yesterday I found myself feeling bored with swtor pvp this morning. I know, the servers were down. But I'm talking about how my brain was thinking about the game. I'm not really so excited anymore.


I was a bit reluctant to get back into MMOs as I feel games like BF3 are much more fun for pvp, but I gave swtor a try because I really enjoyed ME and ME2 in terms of story line and kinetic effects. And I LOVED the sexy alien chick (forget her name) who could toss people through the air as I blasted them. Of course, I still think light sabers are very cool too.


But now, when I get home after work, I'm not so sure how much I really feel like playing the same three warzones again.


Bioware, please, hurry up and give me a reason to believe?

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