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Skill tree puts operatives at a disadvantage in PVP


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Jarring Strike: This ability now knocks the target down for 1.5 seconds.


Not viable.


Forced to spec out of that skill tree spec. Not viable in pvp. Can not use an ability that gives a player full resolve for a 1.5 second knockdown.


Knockdown does nothing but cause melee players hassle because of the fact that if somebody is moving forward when you knock them down, they lag out forward but still appear (on the operatives screen) at a position that they actually are not.


It's so bad now, if I use jarring strike, I hurt my team because it's instant stun protection for a player. With the massive hidden strike nerf concealment is not viable.


Why would bioware do this? Lethality isn't playable its too bugged. Can't play a ranged class where you constantly have to run forward in melee range to get a tactical advantage.


This is just silly.

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