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Scrapper Scoundrels and the KO talent


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It's very far from being worthless. Since the stun time has been reduced it does not cause a full resolve bar, which means you can dirty kick right after.


Erm have you tried that, because on the PTS that was not the case and the 1.5s knockdown was still filling the resolve bar to full.


ETA: Infact it now seems to not be adding ANYTHING to the Resolve bar, so from one extreme on the test shard to the other on live, hopefully they will eventually get the right result !

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The few comments I received by playing bothfaction is that scroundrel KO filled the resolve to full, and the operative ti 30%. Good job bioware.


This isn't true. I just finished playing several games. KO definitely DOES NOT fill the resolve bar to full. I can't speak to how much it does fill it, as I can't recall the actual amount. You can definitely follow it up with another CC.


If anything, this patch is almost a buff. We can open with KO, if they use their escape ability- you win. You can easily throw in a dirty kick or a flash bang at this point.


Also, when paired with another scoundrel, we can do two KOs back to back. That happened a few times in my last WZ. It effectively shut a healer down REALLY nicely.

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