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Defence Screen, Tendon Blast and Stopping Power problems.


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I've been duelling a friend aboard the Esseles all afternoon to see if the Scoundrel nerfs are all they're cracked up to be when I've stumbled upon a few anomalies.



Defence Screen - Seems to absorb all incoming damage except off-hand damage. E.G My Sentinel friend's OH Lightsaber would still hit and I could visibly see the damage whilst Defence Screen was up.


Tendon Blast and it's Skill 'Stopping Power' - Is only rooting the enemy player for about 1.3 seconds, the skill tooltip says 2 seconds. He was free and moving around before my GCD was up. Is anyone else finding this? This may be something to do with Animations as it practically takes about .7 seconds to fire the scattergun and put it away again.


Is this all in my head?

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